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  Nicolas Hafner f9122a6f2c
Minor 11 months ago
  Nicolas Hafner 39241e816f
Some attempts at working around failed macos runs. 11 months ago
  Nicolas Hafner d22c1a721e
Some more notarization stuff. 11 months ago
  Nicolas Hafner 633ea29665
Entitlements 11 months ago
  Nicolas Hafner 569b62aac2
More codesign stuff. 11 months ago
  Nicolas Hafner 9ee89a566c
Sigh. 11 months ago
  Nicolas Hafner d2d520d4e9
Sigh 11 months ago
  Nicolas Hafner 9c4e1dca8d
Add warning for clean op. 11 months ago
  Nicolas Hafner cf40380cc0
First attempt at macos codesigning integration. 11 months ago
  Nicolas Hafner bcc169b2e4
Sbcl 2.1.0 11 months ago
  Nicolas Hafner 23bac90018
Update more to make it build on Windows again. 1 year ago
  Nicolas Hafner b7a16c6322
Update to 2.0.8 1 year ago
  Jean-Philippe Paradis e8120b2ca1 Use default community health files for Portacle organization. 1 year ago
  Jean-Philippe Paradis d6f398d0c2 Please support me on GitHub Sponsors! 1 year ago
  Nicolas Hafner 7b6e9c0f85
Libnss fixes 1 year ago
  Nicolas Hafner 8f9d209ac5
Ensure we clean up deployment temp target 1 year ago
  Nicolas Hafner 52763fc497
Update versions 1 year ago
  Nicolas Hafner 149f99b08c
Make sure to clear out the previous install directory so we don't have leftovers from when the version changes. 1 year ago
  Nicolas Hafner 8e9c1b882e
Copy all libnss stubs 1 year ago
  Nicolas Hafner 9955128bc1
Fix font download 2 years ago
  Nicolas Hafner be1b5a34ac Minor emacs build fixes 2 years ago
  Nicolas Hafner de2dd2abfe Fix compute-dependencies to not be as stupid 2 years ago
  Nicolas Hafner 2a3018457e Include emoji noto font 2 years ago
  João Távora d125272bcd Use a site-start.el file for portacle-specific Emacs setup 3 years ago
  Nicolas Hafner 0aef4d0c96
Fix download url for fonts 2 years ago
  Nicolas Hafner 993d9cb17d
Revert update of git as it breaks with a pcre2 dependency that's unresolvable on mint. 2 years ago
  Nicolas Hafner 8bbc438512
Force removal 2 years ago
  Nicolas Hafner 6179c3f4b2
Bump versions 2 years ago
  Nicolas Hafner 25bb9264f3 Include all-the-icons fonts 2 years ago
  Nicolas Hafner 01189c6504 Clean emacs install 2 years ago
  Nicolas Hafner 0719e1ec09
Fix for spaces in the directory path. 2 years ago
  Nicolas Hafner f6d79bd078
Use /bin/sh 3 years ago
  Nicolas Hafner 8ab2a57ab8
Include gpg dependency 3 years ago
  Nicolas Hafner 15ae9035d9
Use armored signatures 3 years ago
  Nicolas Hafner 2a2fdd5389
Use separate sign key identity and only invoke signing if key available. 3 years ago
  Nicolas Hafner eb9eef9128
Add signatures to the packaging process (See #82) 3 years ago
  Nicolas Hafner cfd889f1a7
I am a god damn fucking idiot 3 years ago
  Nicolas Hafner f184b7bca9
Fix argorder and stuff. 3 years ago
  Nicolas Hafner c4a28bd984
Fix relative path issue with dep link fixups 3 years ago
  Nicolas Hafner 753578e690
sigh 3 years ago
  Nicolas Hafner fb2971f070
Attempt to fix up lib dependency problems on OS X. 3 years ago
  Nicolas Hafner 9732f93215
Attempt to fix dependencies for emacs binary on Mac platforms. 3 years ago
  Nicolas Hafner 8724effd01
Make sure to remove build target files. 3 years ago
  Nicolas Hafner 1d3babe4d3
God damn travis 3 years ago
  Nicolas Hafner 14335b6986
Update emacs to 26.1, fixes the infamous #18 3 years ago
  Nicolas Hafner 51c2034f91
Ship locale (fixes #63, along with portacle/[email protected]) 3 years ago
  Nicolas Hafner 73321ca845
Make sure to copy nss stubs. Fixes #68 3 years ago
  Nicolas Hafner a61c3f2744
Move nss handling into global 3 years ago
  Nicolas Hafner 7c714fde99
I hate Brew 3 years ago
  Nicolas Hafner 8a9b8185d8
FUCK. 3 years ago