A description of Ùzje mahjong.
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Ùzje Mahjong

Ùzje Mahjong is a variant of the traditional Mahjong game that is seen all throughout the planet Earth, but mostly concentrated in the eastern Asia. The game has evolved considerably since its unknown origin in the late 19th century from even older games, and has spawned many variants throughout the world, and Ùzje is no exception.

The variant played in Ùzje is significantly different from those played in nearby regions and has elements from faraway regions as well, with Japan being a particular source of it in particular. It is also the only variant to radically alter the composition of the tiles, which we will see later. Ùzje mahjong also stands alone amongst other variants in being able to support six or even eight players, though this is not frequently done as getting that many people to play is not easy. Note that as with all mahjong variants, this game is separate and unrelated to the tile-matching game that was invented much later on.

This article is written with the expectation that readers are at least passively familiar with either Japanese or Hong Kong Old Style mahjong,1 the latter of which Ùzje mahjong derives from.


There are up to 176 tiles in play for Ùzje mahjong. This is far more than the standard form that many other variants use, and include one of the largest innovations of the game in Ùzje. The table below is a breakdown for the most common configuration of the game:

Type Suit # Distinct Count Total
Number Tongs 2 4 8
Soks 16 4 64
Mans 16 4 64
Hybrid Zero 1 4 4
Honour Winds 4 4 16
Arrows 3 4 12
Flower Seasons 4 1 4
Gentlemen 4 1 4
Total 50 176

We will now go through each of the tiles in detail.

Suited tiles

There are three types of suited tiles in the game, which are in order the tongs, the soks and the mans. They have both a rank and a suit.

Honour tiles (and zero)



Starting off

Normal turn actions

Interrupting turn actions





In Ùzje itself, this is a historical variant and named "Fortress Mahjong".