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;;;; expected-usage-pattern.lisp
;;;; This is an example of a script that MKVID is expected to parse
;;;; and turn into a video.
;;;; It includes a list of features that is desired to be in the program,
;;;; as well as all the actor types that should be included by default.
;;;; The goal of this file is to guide the creation of the program
;;;; such that its contents can be read without errors
;;;; and the video correctly defined and created.
;;;; This expected usage file is not intended to be the final scripting language
;;;; -- which is in essence a normal Common Lisp file
;;;; that defaults to loading the `mkvid' package and the `qtools' read table --
;;;; but it should expand to this at least,
;;;; along with some additional `eval-when'-like code
;;;; that allows the entire file to be read independently
;;;; (perhaps using an external script).
;;;; This is not a formal part of mkvid and contains no essential code for it.
;;; Preamble
(in-package #:mkvid)
(named-readtables:in-readtable :qtools)
;;; Definitions go here
;;; Custom actors go here, if there are any
;;; The actual video
(define-presentation example-video (1024 576)
;; Title screen
0.1 (t (enter subtitles :name :subtitles))
0.1 1 (t (enter title-textbox :name :title-text
:text "The Title"
:ease flare:quad-in))
1 7 (:subtitles (display "A narration of the title."))
5 6 (:title-text (leave))
;; A bunch of text scrolling by.
8 (t (enter textbox :name :lyrics-box
:align (cons :left :bottom)
:size (vec (rx 3/8) (ry 4/5))
:size (vec (rx 1/8) (ry 1/10))
:text ""
:background *background-colour*))
10 14 (:subtitles (display "A new line | Another new line"))
10 (:lyrics-box (append-text "A new line"))
12 (:lyrics-box (append-text "Another new line"))
;; More examples later...
16 (:subtitles (display))
16 (:lyrics-box (leave))
20 (t (enter text :text "A word"
;; alignment arguments omitted
:name :word))
20 23 (:subtitles (display "So we start here"))
24 (t (enter image-actor
:name :card-1
:image-file #P"card-1.png"
:location (vec (rx 1) (ry 1/2))
:size (vec 100 100)))
24.5 25.3 (:card-1 (set location :to (vec (rx 1/2) (ry 1/2))
:ease flare:quad-in))
25.3 (t (enter image-actor :name :explosion
:location (vec (rx 1/2) (ry 1/2))
:image-file #P"explosion.png"))
((:card-1 :explosion) (leave))
(:word (set text :to "B word"))
23 26 (:subtitles (display "and if then fire this card,")))
(mkvid example-video #P"example-video.mp4")
(mksubtitles example-video :subtitles)