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;;;; actor-tests.lisp
;;;; This file contains tests for each of the actor types.
;;;; They should demonstrate how the group works
;;;; either using the demonstration actor defined here or something similar.
(in-package #:mkvid)
(in-readtable :qtools)
(defclass actor-test-textbox (aux-data-textbox)
:font-size 16
:size (vec 250 60)
:background *background-colour*))
(define-change-parser increase* (accessor &key from by (ease 'flare:linear)
(with #'+))
`(make-instance 'range-accessor-tween :ease ',ease
:from ,from
:to (funcall ,with ,from ,by)
:accessor ',accessor))
(define-presentation group-actor-test (1024 576)
1 (t (enter group-actor :name :group :location (vec 400 0)))
2 (:group (enter actor-test-textbox :location (vec 100 100)
:text "[A]"
:name :text-A))
3 (:group (enter actor-test-textbox :location (vec 300 300)
:text "[B]"
:name :text-B))
;; Doesn't work -- need to figure out if actor positions are altered.
;; The main issue here is that `increase' does not take vectors.
;; we'll have to figure out how to do it.
4 4.5 ((:group >) (set location :to (vec 250 100))))