Storage for the Drsk grammar.
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This is the repository for storing files relating to the Drsk grammar.

The key files that you, as a reader, might want to have is the file Grammar.pdf, which is available in the monthly release (see *Frequent release versions). If you want to edit the file, the following files are needed:

  •, which contains the editable source code for the grammar;
  • Everything in figs/, which contain the drawings and source code for them;
  • phosym.pdf and phosym.pdf_tex, which are figures but for technical reasons
  • cannot be included in the figures folder; and
  • dgutils.sty, containing most of the LaTeX things that is required.

Other files are auxiliary and are either old (and will be removed soon) or automatically generated.


This is not guaranteed to work on every machine.

For safety, you should endeavour to install as many LaTeX packages as possible, and then use Emacs to do the compiling. If everything goes well, ~C-c C-e l p~ should be enough to successfully compile everything into the PDF if have told org-mode to use latexmk (and in turn targeting lualatex) or a similar "smart" LaTeX compiler, though it probably won't look exactly the same. The resulting .tex file is probably more helpful if you wish to refine the compiled output a bit more.

The graphviz figures are compiled using

dot -Tpdf $file_name.gv > $file_name.pdf

# Except for psl.gv, which uses
dot -Tpdf -Kfdp $file_name.gv > $file_name.pdf

Recompiling those are usually not necessary unless you want to edit the figures.


Standard versions

Most commits here will have no version number.

There is no timetable, but there is a version table. The first commit that meets certain criteria will receive that version number. The planned version numbers are:

  • Construction phase
  • v-0.3.0
    Every section (except the appendices)
    has at least some content in it
    Every section has at least some content in it
    All sections (except the appendices) have been completed
    All sections have been completed
    All sections have been checked for obvious flaws, e.g. typos
  • First draft phase
  • v-1.0.0
    First draft
    All sections have their flow and factual content checked
    All sections have been read by someone else as a beta reader
    Second draft
    First version
    (number is any power of 10 greater than all previous versions)

The minor version number shall be any "quick patch" updates. (Think release candidates, but with each one considered "the official version" until it is no longer the latest one.) There may be more than 10 of these, so a version number like v-0.7.15 is possible.

Frequent release versions

As the compiled PDF is taking up too much space in the history, it will no longer be included in the repository. Instead, releases labelled as M-yyyymm will be planned. A release will be available on the 15th of each month starting September 2019 and will only be done if sufficient progress has been made. There is a special release called M-init which will act as the transition between the old "put-PDF-in-repository" method and the new release method.

If the updates increase to fortnightly or weekly, which might happen if frequency of updates require, then the label will be changed accordingly to F-yyyyww or W-yyyyww respectively, where ww is the ISO week number.


The grammar itself is under the GFDL v 1.3. Source code for the diagrams and similar are under GPL v3 or later.