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  isoraqathedh 7791bff30b Use a more abstract wrapper. 9 months ago
  isoraqathedh a6e4828edb More drawing code. 9 months ago
  isoraqathedh 731e0dfca9 Add in a main file where the public-facing interfaces all go. 9 months ago
  isoraqathedh 055f4f06f9 Fix the stripe definition for semivowels. 1 year ago
  isoraqathedh 968f8d721e Add the bonding point function for the approximant body. 1 year ago
  isoraqathedh 6b730bfc3e More accessories. 1 year ago
  isoraqathedh 4d35ec177a Move drawing shortcuts to their own file in anticipation for further drawings. 1 year ago
  isoraqathedh 32ecc61060 Move the stress feelers to the correct category. 1 year ago
  isoraqathedh d1d051d676 Misc adjustments. 1 year ago
  isoraqathedh 4f4869a101 Fix some normal size to u-size conversions. 1 year ago
  isoraqathedh bd11cfc2fa Typo. 1 year ago
  isoraqathedh 58d35d730a Split up the body definitions into separate files for easier searching. 1 year ago
  isoraqathedh 396379541b Some utilities that I think might be interesting. 1 year ago
  isoraqathedh d86f0bc6b7 Wrap up common idiom. 1 year ago
  isoraqathedh 762946633c Typo. 1 year ago
  isoraqathedh a593824c68 Adjust tests. 1 year ago
  isoraqathedh 8661b76e0e Forgot to add a dependency. 1 year ago
  isoraqathedh 64864493ba Forgot to add a file. 1 year ago
  isoraqathedh b4fe6dc128 Adjust and add new definitions for bodies. 1 year ago
  isoraqathedh 4c9b3a2715 Rename the body to the generic form. 1 year ago
  isoraqathedh 25a7d0f514 Implement the bonding point for a round body. 1 year ago
  isoraqathedh 41b8c64957 Make drawing to file its own function. 1 year ago
  isoraqathedh d300fdff8b Add readme. 1 year ago
  isoraqathedh 9cb098a0fa Ignore generated output. 1 year ago
  isoraqathedh b6590ef3bf Rearranging code. 1 year ago
  isoraqathedh eb81b2ecce Not needed. 1 year ago
  isoraqathedh 06c4b87c18 This doesn't seem to be used. 1 year ago
  isoraqathedh 91b93cc128 Each accessory should register which body they belong to. 1 year ago
  isoraqathedh 676ccbe31f Make the test function specify the filename. 1 year ago
  isoraqathedh 9778528b78 Minor spacing issues. 1 year ago
  isoraqathedh e2cd315e21 Use the bonding point method. 1 year ago
  isoraqathedh db4488b23d Initial commit. 1 year ago